Born in Madeira, in 1949. Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design by the Madeira High Institute of Plastic Arts (ISAPM), graduated in Communication Design by the Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts. He also studied Screen Printing and Graphic Design in Brussels. He was one of the pioneers in Portugal in the Electrography, which made the way for Postal Art in Portugal, bringing together in his works the new expressive potentialities of the black and white photocopier and the experiences of experimental poetry, promoted in the 60's by the anthology notebooks called Poesia Experimental (Experimental Poetry), published in 1964 (António Aragão & Herberto Helder) and in 1966 (António Aragão, Herberto Helder & Ernesto Manuel de Melo e Castro). Starting from the collection and selection of images from newspapers and magazines, these were subjected to manipulation and transformation operations using the photocopier, gathering verbal elements in their compositions. António Nelos tells us that "Visual poetry was initially more connected to the question of the word. For example, Brazilian visual poets, more connected to the movement of visual poetry (...), prove a lot this question of the word, the letter, the lyricism, and I always tried to do this, to connect the image to the text, to be an interaction between the two things."

He organized numerous exhibitions, published several works, participated and collaborated in many exhibitions and meetings in the fields of visual poetry, electrography and postal art: activity documented in Digital Archive at PO.EX's.

He died in 2018.

Credits: MUDAS. Contemporary Art Museum of Madeira