From December 19 to April 3, 2021. 
Porta 33. 
Opening hours: 16h00 to 20h00 *. 

* The extended opening hours of the "Clorophilia" exhibition are exceptionally due to the concern to prevent the present epidemiological situation by avoiding crowds of people as much as possible.

The exhibition "Clorophilia" meets the philosophical thinking and artistic creation in a reflection that takes as a motto the organic and plastic particularities of the plant life development in time and space to interrogate what we call human "life" and works of art creation. Focusing attention on the unique welcoming mode offered by Porta33, we will try to reflect on how time becomes space that generates possibilities and pictorial and artistic realities, but also a dynamic of creation and contemplation that is unique in the panorama of national and international institutions dedicated to contemporary art. This same dynamic will be considered in the light of notions such as seed, rooting, care, silence, waiting, rhythm, soil, organism and designed by comparison and contrast with the dynamics observed in the life of specimens in the plant kingdom.