Cultural and Museum Centres

Quinta Magnólia Cultural Center

Space dedicated to cultural exhibition and dissemination, for the need to show the emerging artists works or a retrospective exhibition of stablished artists works.

São Cristovão Manor House

A rare example of stately architecture, this manor house has undergone some transformations, the result of the changing of the times. Sanitary facilities, a studio, a library and bedrooms were all constructed, where in the past there were stores, a wine cellar and a servants’ dormitory.

John Dos Passos Cultural Center

In honor of John Roderigo Dos Passos, the North American modernist writer with family roots in Ponta do Sol...

João Carlos Abreu Memories

It is installed in a house from the late nineteenth century, in Calçada do Pico, near historic buildings of Funchal city, as the Convent of Santa Clara and the Quinta das Cruzes Museum, with collections of the former Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture, João Carlos Abreu who was a journalist, writer, hotel manager and Secretary of Tourism and Culture for many years.

Historic Nucleus of Santo Amaro - Captain’s Tower

The Historic Nucleus of Santo Amaro- Captain’s Tower, consists of a group of representative buildings of the Fifteenth to seventeenth centuries including the Captain's Tower, the Chapel of Santo Amaro, the Pilgrims House and the new building.

São João Baptista do Pico Fortress

It was named as such, due to its proximity to the ribeira de São João (stream), also due to the fact that it was erected on Pico dos Frias, as it is referred to, around the end of the 16th century. Its construction took place during the first decades of the 17th century, under the auspices of the Philip dinasty (1580-1640). Before being made out of limestone, construction that began in 1606, sixty thousand reis were spent for a caravel with forty moios of lime, it was a simple castle made out of wood (1602-1603).

Aposento Manor House

“Casa do Aposento” is a traditionally wealthy Madeiran house, in architectural tradition from the island, with examples well present on the north coast and particularly in the parish of Ponta Delgada, municipality of São Vicente.

Brum do Canto Museological Nucleus

“Casa do Aposento” is a traditionally wealthy Madeiran house, in architectural tradition from the island, with examples well present on the north coast and particularly in the parish of Ponta Delgada, municipality of São Vicente.

São Tiago Fortress

The construction of the fortress of São Tiago must have begun around 1614, as can be seen in the inscription on the primitive gate. The start of the construction should be attributed to Jerónimo Jorge, a fortifier who arrived in Madeira to replace Mateus Fernandes, author of the plans of the city walls and who worked here since 1596. After the death of Jerome George in 1617, the work was continued by his son, Bartolomeu João.

Edmundo Bettencourt Civic Animation and Culture Centre

Located in the Funchal's Historic heart area, Santa Maria Maior, this space, occupied by several entities dedicated to culture, honors one of the greatest writers born in the City of Funchal, Edmundo Bettencourt, the given name to this cultural centre.

Others Cultural and Museum Centres

Under a determination of D. Manuel I, King of Portugal, it was decided to build a fortress in 1513. From that era, or the following decades, is still clearly visible today in the east tower, the...

The building where is today installed the Wine Institute, Embroidery and Handicrafts was the former headquarters of the Guild of Industrial Embroidery of Madeira, which opened in 1958,built by the...

The permanent exhibition "Caniço: From Field to the City" is made up of several documents, newspapers, posters, crafts and photographs, mostly authored by Mr. José de Sá, Caniço photographer for...

The Museum of Machico is a cultural institution created by the Municipality of Machico, after recovery of the Manor House, Solar do Ribeirinho(built in the seventeenth century). In this space you...

Rota da Cal (lime route) was ranked in 2005 by the Regional Government of Madeira as a Regional Public Interest heritage. The Association of this Route aims to "study, research, promotion,...

Small museum, consisting of five rooms, which attempts to present the life and work of Sister Mary Jane Wilson (1840-1916), founder of the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of...

The Theme Park in Santana, opened in October 2004, is divided into multiple nucleus and includes many attractions for young and old - tourists and locals - related to history, traditions and culture...

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