September 25th | 5 pm. 
In the Church of São Pedro, Funchal. 
"Afetos do Barroco" is the series of concerts title organized by the “Associação Orquestra Clássica da Madeira”m (AOCM), the result of a protocol between this association and the “Secretaria Regional de Turismo e Cultura”, through the “Direção Regional da Cultura”, which, in addition to enhance the Baroque architectural heritage of Madeira, to glorify the historic organs of several churches, recently restored and to praise the specificities and details that constitute the Baroque musical repertoire.
Maria Ferreira (soprano), Luís Calhanas (trumpet) and Paulo Silva (organ) will be the protagonists of this cycle.
Regarding the theme of this concert, in which works by J.S Bach, H. Purcell, J. Pachelbel, C. Seixas, G.F. Handel and D. Buxtehude the trio explains that: “The Baroque period (c. 1600-1750) has an unparalleled richness in terms of stylistic variety and rhetorical-musical resources. It is the music of the “theory of affections”, which uses and transmits a vocabulary fuller of emotions and sensations in relation to the previous period of the Renaissance, in which the “reserve music” dominated. There is an intimate relationship between words and music, precisely a search for faithful, complete artistic communication and a clear speech. Instrumental music is also extremely varied, resorting to artifices full of vivacity or, on the contrary, creating environments of softness and reflection”.

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