26th to 29th of May | Átrio Centro Cultural Jonh dos Passos | Painting | Indoor

From an early age, Pedro Cabral showed a great appetite for drawing and art. In the mid 90s, when he went to Lisbon to study, he found in the museums, galleries, and city, the inspiration, the desire, and the incentive to dedicate and deepen his knowledge in painting./p>

He deepened his knowledge in the techniques of watercolour and oil painting, which made color an increasingly prominent element in his works. On a trip to Venezuela, he visited Patanemo Bay, where he was part of a circle of artists of various nationalities who worked together. It was a group that promoted conviviality and the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and techniques. This experience accentuated even more of his will to express himself with color.

Pedro Abreu is an artist whose style can be described as figurative expressionist, in which warm and strong colours make his paintings vibrate. He has participated in several group and private exhibitions in England and Portugal.

The Aqui Acolá Festival presents his work in the town where he was born, and where he lives, in Ponta do Sol. His unique exhibition that will not leave anyone indifferent.


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