Dia da Tomatina, or Dia de La Tomatina, in its original name, is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of August, in the city of Buñol, in the province of Valencia, during the week of festivities in Buñol. When a shot is heard and trucks loaded with tomatoes arrive, ammunition for the participants, the tomato war begins. The tomatoes come from Extremadura and are grown specifically for this day, being of inferior quality and flavor. Around 150,000 tomatoes are used on Tomatina Day. It is about 100 tons of tomatoes that paint everything and everyone in red. The origin of Tomatina Day dates back to 1945 when, in a parade of gigantones and cabeçudos, local youths began to throw tomatoes and vegetables at the participants, as they were upset for not also participating in the festivities. Despite the police repression, residents joined the party and ended up starting a new tradition.