MuseuVinhovinhaThe Museum of Vine and Wine is located at the Experimental Field of Viticulture in Arco de São Jorge, in the municipality of Santana. The museum aims to be a live and interactive space, consists of the building, a restored ancient cellar where they were installed tools used in viticulture, mostly donated by the local population, and the experimental field. Three Cellar mills were recovered and, in an adjacent area, it was created a space for tasting various local products, especially honey cake and various traditional scones.

Besides the wines, wineries and tools used over the decades to produce the wine, visitors can observe the various cycles of vines, like the pruning and have access to an explanation of the characteristics of different grape varieties grown here. Also in outer space, you can enjoy the gardens, shrubs and trees of the laurel forest and leisure facilities that provide a contact with the natural and historical peculiarities of the parish.

The site also includes a store of 'sweets and traditions, "where visitors can also buy homemade bread, cakes and gingerbread cakes and pieces of wicker.

Institution in charge:
Casa do Povo of Arco de São Jorge

Sítio da Lagoa
9230-018 Arco de São Jorge

(351) 291 578 106

(351) 291 578 122

Tuesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm

Normal: 2 € (includes guided tour and wine tasting)
Children: Free

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