The archipelago of Madeira that includes the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens is located in the African Plate in the Atlantic Ocean between latitude 30 ° and 33 °N, basically at the same latitude as Casablanca, 978 km southwest of Lisbon, about 700 km west of the African coast, and 450 km north of the Canary Islands and almost 900km southeast from Santa Maria Island, Azores.

The island of Madeira, inhabited presents a very rugged terrain, with the highest point being Pico Ruivo (1,862 m), the Pico das Torres (1,851 m) and Pico do Arieiro (1,818 m). The northern coast is dominated by high cliffs and in the western part of the island you find a plateau region, the Paul da Serra with altitudes between 1,300 and 1,500 m. Porto Santo Island, geologically older is equally inhabited but is mostly plain as the highest peak – Pico do Facho attains only 517 m high. The ex-libris is a 9km sandy beach.

Services - Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture:
Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture
2 Regional Directorate for Tourism
3 Regional Directorate for Culture
4 Study of Atlantic History Centre

Tourist Offices:
5 Tourist Information Office - Avenida Arriaga, Funchal
6 Tourist Information Office - Monumental Road
7 Tourist Information Office - Pontinha
8 Tourist Information Office - Airport
9 Tourist Information Office - Porto Moniz
10 Tourist Information Office - Porto Santo
11 Tourist Information Office - Ribeira Brava
12 Tourist Information Office - Santana

Archives and Librarys:
13 Regional Directorate for Archive and Public Library of Madeira (ABM)
14 John Dos Passos Library
15 Library / Contemporary Documentation Centre
16 History Study of the Atlantic Centre Library

Museums/Museological Nucleus:
17 Quinta das Cruzes Museum
18 House Frederico de Freitas Museum
19 MUDAS.Contemporary Art of Madeira Museum
20 Ethnographic Museum of Madeira
21 Madeira Photography Museum - Atelier Vicente's
22 São João Baptista do Pico Fortress
23 Colombo's House - Porto Santo Museum
24 Nucleus Jorge Brum do Canto – Porto Santo Museum
25 São Cristovão Solar
26 Quinta Magnólia Cultural Centre
27 São Tiago Fortress
28 Historical Centre of Santo Amaro - Torre do Capitão
29 Aposento Solar

Cultural Centres:
30 Civic and Cultural Centre of Santa Clara - João Carlos Abreu Universe of Memories
31 John Dos Passos Cultural Centre
32 Edmundo Bettencourt Civic Centre for Animation and Culture



Archives and Libraries:

1 Funchal Municipal Library
2 Legislative Assembly of Madeira Library
3 Porta 33 Documentation Centre
4 Direction of Arts Education and Multimedia Services Librarys
5 Library specialized in Education, Arts and Multimedia Documentation
6 Youth Store
7 Câmara de Lobos Municipal Library
8 Machico Municipal Library
9 Santana Municipal Library


1 Sacred Art Museum
2 Henrique e Francisco Franco Museum
3 Madeira Militar Museum
4 Monte Palace Museum
5 Madeira Optics Museum
6 Sugar Museum
7 São Lourenço Palace
8 Funchal Jesuits College
9 Santa Clara Convent
10 CR7 Museum
11 Toy Museum
12 Electricity Museum - Casa da Luz
13 Funchal Natural History Museum
14 Natural History Museum of Madeira Botanical Garden
15 Funchal City Hall
16 Madeira Press Museum
17 Whale Museum
18 Vine and Wine Museum of Arco de São Jorge


Museological Nucleus:

1 Madeira Wine Museological Nucleus
2 Mary Jane Wilson Museological Nucleus
3 ‘Popular Art’ Museological Nucleus
4 Baden-Powell Museological Nucleus
5 Madeira Embroidery Museological Nucleus
6 Caniço Museological Nucleus
7 Machico Museological Nucleus
8 Cal's Route Museological Nucleus

Thematic and Cultural Centres:

1 Madeira Magic
2 Funchal Ecological Park's Interpretation and Interpretation Centre
3 Caves and Vulcan Centre
4 Madeira Thematic Park
5 Living Cience Centre
6 Madeira Aquarium
7 Madeira Story Centre
8 Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre
9 Santa Cruz Culture House
10 Câmara de Lobos Culture House
11 São Vicente Centre for Cultural Promotion
12 Santana Culture House