Born in Mozambique, in 1938. Later, he settles in Oporto, where he studies Painting at the College of Fine Arts, obtaining a score of 20 values. He was one of the members of the group Os Quatro Vintes (“The Four Twenties") together with Armando Alves, Jorge Pinheiro and José Rodrigues, with whom he lived and maintained a friendly relationship. He was a professor at the Oporto College of Fine Arts until 2001.

With an intense activity in the field of artistic creation, Ângelo de Sousa made use not only of painting and drawing, but also of sculpture, photography, installation and video. He has a multifaceted work with a stripped-down language, which crosses the tracks of a new figuration that, oblivious to the rhetoric of Pop, approached the aesthetic contexts of suprematism and minimalism.

Credits: MUDAS. Contemporary Art Museum of Madeira