We recall and highlight here the work developed by the musician Vítor Sardinha at the “Museu Quinta das Cruzes” through his Project “Há Música no Museu”.

Started in the 2014/2015 academic year, this project had as main objective the interaction of music in the historical context, with Madeiran cordophones, with special emphasis on Rajão and Viola de Arame, the instruments of the musical practices of our Region that were present in the three lines of action for this project:


1. Musical Moments

2. Musical workshops

3. Artistic Residency
The work of Professor Vítor Sardinha at the “Museu Quinta das Cruzes” continued in 2016 and 2017, with t
he musician still carrying out an important study and investigation of some of the musical instruments that made up the MQC collection, such as the English Piano, Piano Forte - "Tomkison" (MQC 2304), as well as the research "The Orchestrophone of the “Museu Quinta das Cruzes” - Historical Context, Inventory and Organization of the Musical Repertoire - Suggestion for active listening in the field of Education and the recording of a CD dedicated to the Orchestrophone (MQC 1977), the only one in Portugal.
Musical Moments

With a varied repertoire that focused on European composers from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical Period, performed in Rajão or Viola de Arame, and whose framing with the chronological period of the exposed museum collection. These musical moments took place, in room 3 of the Museum, during the week at the Museum opening hours (from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm).

Musical Workshops

Aimed at schools from the Primary education. In these cultural awareness actions, the visit to the Museum included a musical component on the Madeiran musical practices. The Madeira cordophones and the musical and historical connection to Portuguese and Lusophone music were discussed during the sessions.

Conference – “Escola Básica e Secundaria Gonçalves Zarco”, Funchal on “The Portuguese “Viola de Arame” in the context of Lusophony”. (March 18, 2015).
Conference to the regional interpreter guides over “The Portuguese “Viola de Arame” in the context of Lusophony”. (February 28, 2015)
Conference "Virtuosi on tour: Funchal as a stopover in the 19th-century Europe-South America concert route (1843-1911)" given by specialist Rui Magno Pinto (Funchal 1980).
Artistic residence

This action included Conferences and Meetings. On January 8, 2015, the Conference "Virtuosi on tour: Funchal as a stopover in the concert route Europe-South America (1843-1911)", held by specialist Rui Magno Pinto, took place at the “Museu Quinta das Cruzes” (Funchal 1980).

In this residence, an investigation was carried out under the theme “The Portuguese “Viola de Arame” in the context of Lusophony”.

Recording for the television show produced by Tiago Pereira “O que o povo ainda canta” (“What people still sing”) to the channel RTP2 (March 04, 2015)