Teresa Jardim was born in Funchal, in 1960. She holds a Degree in Fine Arts/Painting and Graphic Design by the Madeira High Institute of Plastic Arts/University of Madeira (ISAPM/UMa). She teaches Visual Arts at Francisco Franco High School. She exhibits since 1976 and charted a career facing poetry as a way of creating.

Author of the poetry publications Anjos de Areia (“Sand Angels”, 1993) and Jogos Radicais (“Extreme Games”, 2010). In the 1980s of the 20th centrury, she collaborated with newspaper "DN Jovem" (Lisbon) and was part of the Anuário da Poesia ("Yearbook of Poetry") by Assírio & Alvim (1986); she was part of several collectanea, participated in Fanzines (fan magazines) and in the magazines Espaço Arte ("Space Art”) by ISAPM, Margem 2 (“Margin 2”) by Funchal City Hall, Cadernos Santiago ("Santiago Notebooks”), Telhados de Vidro ("Glass Roofs”), Eufeme, and Nervo ("Nerve").

Among the numerous exhibitions she participated in, we highlight: 1984 – porque te amo ("because I love you"), ISAD Gallery; 1997 - Jogos de Adivinhação ("Guessing Games"), Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture (SRTC) Gallery; 2001 - eu vivo aqui ("I live here"), SRTC Gallery; 2011 – Alguns poemas dispersos e uma parede só para mim ("Some scattered poems and a wall just for me"), Funchal Contemporary Art Museum. In May 2019, she presented This Poem ("Este Poema") in the MUDAS gallery, a project that integrated a set of works that, exploring drawing, painting, installation and poetry, in an expanded field context, articulated a set in a linguistic "game", a set of expressions, objects, landscapes and provocations, in which, in her own words, "poetry in its visuo-plastic vocation and immersive amplitude was an integral part of its achievements".

She is represented in the MUDAS collection.

Credits: MUDAS. Contemporary Art Museum of Madeira