Born in Funchal, in 1964. Since 1982, he has been drawing and painting regularly. Away from the means that legitimize the contemporary art, his production was sold by the artist in the streets of the cities where he lived: Funchal, Zurich, London, Berlin, Rotterdam and Lisbon.

His work, known mainly in a restricted circle of friends, aroused some curiosity and attention in the Portuguese artistic environment with the exhibition that gallery Porta 33 organized in Funchal, in May 2000. This opening of the artistic environment to a very unique and atypical journey, outside the academies and the usual circuits, with works that are solved between Comics and Painting, was due, especially, to the persistence and energy perceived in the works of Rui Carvalho, for whom artistic expression is, first of all, an interior need.

He is represented in the MUDAS collection with several works, among which the untitled drawing published here.

Credits: MUDAS. Contemporary Art Museum of Madeira